IMG_4877IMG_4874How can we work together more effectively to make a bigger impact?

After discussing who we were, our shared vision, and what was and wasn’t working, we decided to brainstorm opportunities to work together.

We came up with a long list of opportunities, and decided to break out into small groups to discuss two of them:

  • Building a changemakers network. How can we come together regularly, keep collaborating, and share more moving forward?
  • Shared storytelling.

Building a Changemakers Network

NetworkBreakout2The goal of maintaining and potentially growing this network of independent, interdependent changemakers is greater impact. “Make 10 the power of 100.” This group clearly felt kinship with each other, and expressed strong interest in continuing to build relationships and to stay connected.

What structures might support this network moving forward?

  • Continue to meet. There was no shared agreement on how or how often, but one possibility was to aim for meeting monthly, face-to-face throughout 2013.
  • Make it opt-in. People should be able to move in and out of the network as they please.
  • Build relationships first. The participants already have a bias toward action (“do-acracy”). Focus first on building relationships, and good things will emerge.
  • Balance relationship-building with openness. There’s a tension between creating a free, open space to build relationships with the desire to get good work done together. Start with the people here, then grow the network slowly.
  • Clarify founding principles.

Participants noted that this group felt different from others in that it was not centered around a narrow affinity, but instead represented a cross-section of Hawaii’s changemakers. One participant cautioned that this group will require drivers and champions if it’s to evolve into something bigger. Regardless, there seemed to be shared faith that something good would emerge from the relationships that were fostered throughout the day.

Shared Storytelling

How do we represent a modern vision of Hawaii visually?

  • What is the best method for telling this story?
  • What is the content of this story?
  • Who is the audience?
  • How do we meld the understanding of this place, honoring and perpetuating it while moving into the future responsibly?

Telling the story of this group in particular is reflective of the larger challenge of telling the broader story.