groupHow are we connected to each other? This group is diverse, but is bound by a desire to improve this place they all call home, and a belief that there are abundant opportunities when working outside of traditional institutional structures to create change.

sna2We wanted to understand what our relationships were to each other (prior to this workshop). We acknowledged that Hawaii is a small place and that many of us already knew of each other, so we asked: Who here has collaborated with whom?

Hawaii_Leadership_Forum_SNA_2 The map to the right (created using a tool called Kumu) shows our answers to this question. James Koshiba had collaborated with the most people in the room, with Jared Kuroiwa, Keoni Lee, and Kevin Vacarrello also serving as hubs.

The majority of this group was from Oahu. Participants felt certain that if we were to do a similar exercise with participants from other islands, we would see similar levels of connectedness.

As we discussed the connections with the people in the room, the discussion naturally gravitated to the challenges of mobilizing networks, the tension between the tight-knit local communities and the fragmented nature of Hawaii as a whole, and the challenges around honoring past wisdom and values while also making change.


Neenz_FaleafineNeenz Faleafine
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Neenz Faleafine is a Social Disruptor with a passion for life whose super power is hugs. She is the CEO and Community Developer at Pono Media, LLC.

Chenoa_FarnsworthChenoa Farnsworth

Chenoa Farnsworth has more than 15 years experience in business strategy and venture investing. Farnsworth is the managing director of Blue Startups, a Hawaii-based venture accelerator focused on scalable technology companies with an interest in the Asian markets. She also serves as the managing director of the Hawaii Angels, Hawai‘i’s only angel capital investment network. Farnsworth is the founder of HI Impact, an education and community-building organization focused on impact investing. In 2006, she co-founded Kolohala Ventures, a Hawaii-based venture capital firm that invested $50 million into Hawai‘i-based technology start-ups over 5 years.

Adrian_KamaliiAdrian Kamalii

  • Founder, Pae Aina Communications
  • Hawaiian cultural consultant

James_KoshibaJames Koshiba

  • Founder, KANU

Jared_KuroiwaJared Kuroiwa

  • Time Warner
  • Active with open data initiatives
  • Former digital media director for Hawaii News Now

Coreen_LeeCoreen Lee
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Aloha! Welcome to my adventure, which includes making a difference in our community and in particular in the lives of young children. I willingly share my skills, expertise, and interests by way of project management, communications and striving to be innovative.

Keoni_LeeKeoni Lee

  • Co-founder Oiwi TV
  • Kamehameha Schools First Nations Futures leadership development program participant

Ron_LunanRon Lunan

  • Founder, Maui Springboard
  • Also works for Adobe

Jeff_MohrJeff Mohr

  • The Omidyar Group
  • Co-founder, Kumu

Mike_MohrMike Mohr
Hawaii Leadership Forum | The Omidyar Group

I help coordinate the business and philanthropic affairs of Pam and Pierre Omidyar. I believe we are in the midst of a sea change for everyone but especially for leaders in how to effectively create and maintain conditions for positive change. I am excited to be with independent changemakers as we discover the way forward together.

Kevin_VacarelloKevin Vacarello
Sustain Hawaii | Policy Ninja | AINAbility

Kevin’s an inquisitive kolohe who loves to dabble on the fringes while viewing life as one incredibly simplex game. He thrives on the challenge of figuring out how to make things a bit healthier for as many living things as possible.”